Doing vs. Being

It’s amazing how words can come our way when we need to hear them the most.

Yesterday, my post was “liked” by another blogger (for the first time, in this brand new venture of mine). When I clicked over to his page out of total curiosity, the words he’d so artfully placed there hit me, without any pain, the way Bob Marley used to describe music. In that instant it felt almost like they were speaking directly to me, with exactly what I needed to hear:

Movement vs. Action by Oscar Relentos.

For me, there’s been this eternal debate of actively doing vs. just being, or letting things come naturally. Although my ultimate goal is a balance between the two, I know I am in a stage where I need to keep pushing myself forward… or, as Oscar says, “Push harder every damn day.”

But beyond that, I loved how he reflected on those moments where doing is a mere state of movement, in contrast to the moments where he takes a step back, breathes, and reminds himself of the importance to keep doing, but with purpose. That sense of intention is so important, in which we move beyond the ever-present force of habit and towards, as he states: “taking actions for the sake of improving myself as an individual, and doing what I can to improve upon those actions to optimize their benefit.”

It made me recall something I heard recently, while listening to a talk by author Neale Donald Walsch… that shifting our feeling of being stuck can start through recontextualizing our experiences… by asking ourselves why we do the things we do in our daily routines. Walsch suggested that everything we do is not for mere survival, but for furthering our personal development. Asking this question, while doing anything from office work to washing the dishes: “What does this that I’m doing have to do with the development of my soul?”, can bring clarity to life’s purpose and illuminate what we need to learn from our every action. I love the idea that everything, no matter how small it seems, can teach us something big (from steadfastness, to patience, to compassion, and beyond).

For me, this viewpoint is transformative. I know now that I will never stop being, but I can also push towards a greater sense of doing… but doing with intention, with a sense of purpose beyond all the apparent movement.


So… it’s occurring to me now, in looking at the image above, that perhaps “vs.” is not the term that I’m going for here. Perhaps these ideas aren’t completely against each other, not in total opposition, but more interwoven within our everyday lives. They’re alive in those moments where we embrace our being by taking a deep breath and reflecting, which can ultimately lead to moments of doing with a deeper sense of meaning. Each can encourage the other and, thus, help us become more whole.

Thank you, Oscar Relentos! You’ve gotten the ball rolling over here today. Happy writing, happy reflecting, and… stay curious!

2 thoughts on “Doing vs. Being

  1. Wow what a fantastic post!! I absolutely agree that it’s an important question, asking “What does this that Iโ€™m doing have to do with the development of my soul?” as you so eloquently put it, and that there is often something profound to learn from even the most mundane of activities. And I love your insight that being and doing are not in opposition to one another, but that they feed into each other in an endless productive cycle, great great post!! I’m always humbled to have inspired another blogger to get into their rhythm, I think you have a terrific flow to your writing and I’m thankful that I was able to create a post that resonated with you, I wish you nothing but success in your blogging and your living a fulfilling and happy life!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you so much, Oscar… your words and encouragement mean more than you can probably imagine! I actually saw another quote today that reminded me of your post:

      “Sometimes the biggest questions you can ask yourself–Who am I? What is my purpose? Where can I find fulfillment?–come down to a very simple question: What shall I do today?” -Deepak Chopra.

      Hope you’ll enjoy my future posts, if you get a chance to read them, and I look forward to reading yours as well! Wishing you all the best in your writing, your life, and everything that you choose to endeavor.

      Here’s to movement paired with action, being paired with doing, and the chance to discover all there is for us to do and learn during our time here on this amazing planet. ๐Ÿ™‚

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